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Destinations and College Links (Year 11 leavers) 2018-19


Pupil Numbers

Destination Information September 2019

3 college placements confirmed

Level 2 Public Services at City of Bristol College

Entry Level Construction at South Gloucester

HITZ Foundation Training Sport

5 placements TBC

Vehicle Maintenance at Wiltshire College

The Park Personal Development Programme


2 x YOT supporting to manage post 16 progression

2 in employment




September 2018

May 2019

3 staying on roll

  • One residential on-site accessing Chippenham college step-up foundation course.
  • One off-site accessing a construction course at Rocksteady.
  • Accessing a foundation course at City of Bristol College. On roll for term 1 2018-19 only.
  • Still accessing the course and would like to continue into year 13.
  • No longer accessing this course due to a medical issue with hands. Weekly mentoring and post 16 options being explored by NHA, YoT, and SEN.
  • Still accessing this course, but no longer on roll. Studying Design Technology.


  • Studying animal care level 2 at City of Bristol College.
  • Continues to Study at City of Bristol, but now studying programming and VR.


  • Accessing an engagement course at South Gloucestershire College.
  • No longer accessing course.


  • Accessing TIPS, a therapeutic intervention programme.
  • No information as of yet.


  • Has an apprenticeship with a family construction company.
  • Still accessing his apprenticeship. Now completing a construction site license.



















Useful links to our college providers:  City of Bristol College link    Wiltshire college link  Lackham campus link  Rocksteady link  South Gloucestershire College link