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The English curriculum at Notton House Academy is taught by a passionate, dedicated and enthusiastic team. We are committed to supporting students to achieve their potential in the study of English and to prepare them for life beyond Notton House. In English, we aim to enthuse young people and engage them in activities, across a range of learning styles that will prepare them for the practical application of the subject and the enjoyment of reading, writing, speaking and listening. We will strive to ensure that all of our students become:

  • effective and innovative learners, who are engaged and make sustained progress;
  • independent thinkers and effective collaborators, who possess transferable skills of spoken and written communication;
  • culturally and socially aware individuals.

In the lower and middle schools, students will study a range of texts, creative writing, functional non-fiction writing and reading skills, film studies and media analysis. All lessons will be shaped to fit the needs of individuals in the class and will cater to a range of learning styles and abilities. The curriculum is designed to be adaptable for the needs of the student and will be used to ensure the best outcomes in English for the young people at Notton House Academy.

Most students will study for Entry Level English, following the EDUQAS specification. The Entry Level course is taught over a year and assessed using controlled assessments, internal assessments and a terminal examination. Students will then follow either the NCFE Functional Skills English qualification or the EDUQAS GCSE specification.

The NCFE Functional Skills course is assessed using online examinations and controlled assessments.

The GCSE course is assessed using terminal examinations and a separate certificate grade for speaking and listening, which is assessed internally.

For more information, please contact Andy Duckhouse, English KS3/4 Teacher