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Lower school (KS2/3)

The Lower School is designed to cater primarily for Key Stage 2 students (although some Key Stage 3 students attend here) as it is a small, safe and nurturing environment. This space enables a student's transition to Notton House to be determined by their personal and social development rather than age. Lower School is split into 2 classes with a teacher and teaching assistant in each one. Daily, we practise our Literacy and Numeracy skills through play, kinaesthetic activities and written work.

We also aim to develop skills to cope with emotional challenges through a number of PSHE based games, crafts and group activities. These could include Thrive sessions, Lego group, Sand Tray therapy and Music tuition. Through these interventions we are learning to build relationships which will enable us to access the secondary curriculum.

During a typical school day all subjects are taught from the National Curriculum. The class teacher teaches the core subjects including: Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Humanities, PSHE, and SMSC. Students visit other specialist teachers around the school for Art, Food Technology, and P.E. Every week students have swimming lessons at a local leisure centre, that are geared to their level of ability. During the school day students are encouraged to make “good choices”, learn new skills and make progress, this is supported through The Zones of Regulation and modelling from staff.

The academy values of Safety, Kindness, Respect. These are embraced in all areas of the academy, within the school day and during care time in the evenings.

After the education day, students are greeted by our care team. Showing the academy values determines the activity students are offered during the evenings. We want all students to be safe, to be kind, and show respect.