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Pastoral Support

In this section you will find more information about the staff at Notton House that are here to support you and your child throughout their time at school. We believe the the stronger the team around the child, the more they will learn and achieve. 

Notton House Academy believes rewards and motivators are key to success and that achievements should be celebrated. In lessons and during the evening points are awarded to students for excellent learning and for demonstrating  our core values.

To achieve well in school students must;

  • Be SAFE
  • Be KIND

Each point earned is worth a penny. At the end of each 'LONG' term the points are calculated and students are rewarded with a voucher to equal the number of points given. Parents and carers are welcomed to celebrate these achievements at the end of every term when the whole school and our local community comes together for an end of term assembly to award certificates and vouchers that students have earned.

The points that students earn through the day also determines the choice of trips and activities offered in the evenings.  Residential care and Pastoral staff join the students for their afternoon tutor session to check on their day and celebrate the points awarded.

In addition to points, students can also earn green tokens for acts of maturity and kindness. The data for attendance, green tokens and daily points feeds into the decision making panel’s choices for the end of term trips and rewards and end of year trips and rewards.