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Physical Education

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As a department, we aim to develop physical literacy in all of our students. We aim to do this by providing a challenging, disciplined and safe environment for high quality teaching and learning. We aim to achieve this through creating an enjoyable and productive atmosphere for staff and students, where the main focus and purpose is to inspire and engage students to both participate and achieve. Such a focus will enable all students to have the motivation, understanding, knowledge and confidence to make positive lifestyle choices and choose to be active for life.


  • To encourage and motivate all students to develop their full potential through a range of purposeful, yet enjoyable activities within a challenging environment.
  • To promote the acquisition and application of skills appropriate to each activity and to develop the ability to positively transfer skills across activities.
  • To instil sound knowledge of personal and group safety when being physically active.
  • To develop an understanding of the benefits of participation in physical activity now and in later life.
  • To develop an appreciation of skilful and creative performances in a variety of sports activities.
  • To develop equality of opportunity for all, whilst recognising the aspirations of ethnic and cultural minorities.
  • To promote the development of interpersonal skills (organisation, co-operation, initiative and responsibility) and to heighten self-esteem, whilst encouraging tolerance of and respect for other groups and individuals.
  • To provide the necessary opportunity to encourage the development of decision making, imaginative thinking and problem solving.
  • To encourage students to develop personal qualities of commitment, fairness and enthusiasm and an appreciation of honest competition and good sportsmanship.
  • To improve students ability to accurately evaluate their own and others performance in order to support progression.


  • To develop in students an awareness of his/her fitness, particularly in relation to strength, stamina, endurance and mobility.
  • To develop the skills and fitness to perform activities more successfully, whilst being sensitive to the talents and limitations of others.
  • To promote awareness that participation in physical activity can also improve alertness and social competence.
  • To develop confidence and thus encourage participation in sport outside school, leading to an appreciation of meaningful use of leisure time/care time and opportunities.
  • To encourage students to become organised, self-motivated and sensitive to personal hygiene.