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Residential Care

Lower School Living Area

We provide a warm and nurturing environment for our Lower School students, who are usually within Key Stage 2. It has a large well-equipped kitchen and dining area where young people can begin to learn how to cook and bake. We offer large personalised bedrooms and a homely sitting room. The young people’s individual needs are developed alongside a team of experienced and dedicated staff who can help them to build confidence, self-esteem and to achieve and thrive in their own way.

Harry Bishop, Deputy Head of Care, Lower School

Middle School Living Area

The living area for Middle School students (Key Stage 3) is made up of 3 separate living spaces, freshly decorated to feel welcoming and comfortable and to accommodate more independence and social development. Each young person has a personalised room and access to their own room key and opportunities to move into one of our new ensuite bedrooms. Each living space has a consistent staff team that work with the young people to establish structure and routines and to continue to help develop their individual needs.    

Shaun Ward, Deputy Head of Care, Middle School

Upper School Living Area

The Upper School living area aims to develop high levels of independent and self-management. Our residential care team work alongside the young people to enhance their ability to plan meals, maintain a clean and tidy living space they can take pride in and to manage weekly budgets and can take part in arranging activities and to mentor the younger children at the academy. The young people have access to live in one of 2 on-site independent houses, complete with a spacious shared garden and BBQ area.

James Hiscox, Deputy Head of Care, Upper School