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At Notton House Academy, we put great pride in the importance of tutor groups. Our tutor groups are like families. Students meet in tutor time twice daily: at the start of the day with a rolling programme of SMSC, Reading Intervention and PSHE and the afternoon session in which daily scores are discussed and achievements celebrated.

Tutor teams are the bridge between school and home. They contact families every week for updates of their child’s progress and well-being. The team is a blend of education day staff and care staff who truly take each child’s interests to heart. The tutor family celebrate together and support one another and will always be willing to help.

Some of the duties our tutor teams perform:

  • Daily contact with students at tutor time: morning and afternoon.
  • Support students across the school and provide a nurturing environment in the tutor room.
  • Responsible for setting clear routines and expectations for learning and behavior. Reviewing daily points score.
  • Weekly (at least) phone calls/emails to parents and carers to discuss progress and a summary of the positives and areas for development within the week. 
  • Be available outside lesson time for restorative meetings if necessary with students.
  • Monitor attendance.
  • Check uniforms every morning.
  • Follow up resolution meetings/days in inclusion and extension classes.
  • Feed back to Child In Need / Core Group / Multi Professionals’ meetings and attend when required.